Happy Saturday! My morning started late, I can’t believe I actually slept in till’ 11:30 a.m. I haven’t done that in years, probably about 14-years to be exact; in the same bedroom where I grew up. Back then, it was decorated in Disney- Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters. I shared the bedroom with my twin sister. I’ve always loved the walls- they were, and still are made of wooden paneling, absolutely beautiful. We had a big red carpet rug and bunk beds. So many memories. Our white bookshelf held all of our favorite stories. We would listen to music on our big red stereo system as well. The home that I’m describing sits on six acres of property. It’s been called an “Oasis” by some. My favorite part about the yard is the gorgeous assortment of flowers. The “Florida Room”, is a room that was added on to the original house- it includes a fireplace. It is where we spend most of our time. Instead of walls, there is glass that surrounds us. It’s cozy, and makes me feel closer to nature. ❤

It was 14-years ago I left the only home I’d really known. I was young, 16-years-old. I was expecting my first baby, a girl. I had no idea what the next several years of my life would look like. It’s a scary world we live in, I know that much.

So this morning, I received a message from the District Attorney’s Advocate who has been working my case for over a year. She’s awesome. She was there for me yesterday, when I had court. She is always so bubbly and has such a kind spirit. I gave her a hug and was so happy to see her.

The message read, “I’m so proud of you! I can’t even describe how good you look and how confident you sounded yesterday. Everything will definitely work out.” “It was also pretty awesome to hear the judge say that she felt like Dominick was exhibiting controlling behavior by saying he was ‘prepared to hire a lawyer for you’; everything definitely worked in your favor yesterday.”

I responded (in disbelief), “he said that!?”

She said, “Yep”. I asked how he acted, and stated, “He’s crazy. I’m so glad everyone sees that. I don’t need a lawyer! I have God and everyone on my side. To me, he’s already lost this battle. Just wait till he’s hit with divorce papers next week!”

She said, “His lawyer for the hearing was completely freaked out by him. He was acting calm, but when he addressed the judge, everyone could tell he was trying to manipulate the system. He just doesn’t get that he’s not in control. It’s over for him. The judge directly told him ‘you don’t need to worry about her. We are taking care of her. You just need to be concerned about yourself.'”

I told her, “He’s always been that way. It feels so good to be free from him!”
She said, “And I am so proud of you. You did that. You decided to free yourself which means you are in control.”

I said, “I’m so excited for my new life with the boys. It’s only going to keep getting better and better.”

She agreed. I told her I was still confused about his thought process on trying to plea out to the aggravated stalking charges, and the motion to withdrawal his guilty plea on the simple assault charge. I told her, “I just want him to sign away his parental rights. I’m sure he will fight me on that.”

She said, “If he withdrawals his plea, I think everything would change. But I don’t know, that’s something I’ll have to ask the D.A. about. The last I talked to him, he still didn’t have confirmation from Dominick’s attorney that he was going to plea.” “I’m sure he will fight you on the parental rights, but Juvenile Court is fighting to make him take a psychological evaluation because they know he’s completely unhinged.” “Depending on his evaluation, he may not have a choice.”

For those who don’t know, my ex was diagnosed as a teenager with “Antisocial Personality Disorder”. Look it up, it will explain everything.

He really thinks we are still together. In his mind, he just really will not let go. That’s a dangerous thought.

This time, my FAITH will override my FEAR.


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