A Mother’s Intuition

Today, I went to court at the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m. for a hearing with DFCS regarding my two boys. I’m happy to announce that it couldn’t have gone any better! With my attorney, I signed a consent agreement where I will continue to receive help with the boys from the state. They will temporarily remain in foster care, while I get back on my feet. I already have a job, and now I am in a position where I can save my paychecks to get a vehicle, home, etc. I’m considering saving up enough for a SUV.

Most know, I have 5 children; three girls, two boys. I’m working on repairing broken relationships, and I know I need space for future trips! Not only that, but also that was the first thing of mine taken by my soon to be ex. I remember that day so clearly. I cried like a baby! I had a 98′ white Chevy Blazer. It was my first vehicle, but I was SO PROUD. I worked hard and bought it with cash. It was also the very first thing to be taken away from me.

Okay, so back to court. I spoke with my court appointed attorney who secured two hearings (the boys dad was escorted from jail to the hearing). I sat in an office until it was time for me to enter the courtroom. Everyone there- right down to the Judge, was SO nice! She even smiled at me and said that she wishes me the best on my journey! She told me that I have a LOT of support- and I do. I am so very thankful for each and every one of you!

I believe they had my ex in a holding cell. (I don’t even want to write his name). Due to the nature of my case, there were security concerns so we did not have to see each other. I can’t really explain it any other way; I didn’t feel sad, angry, or even upset- not scared, just- content.

I am SO confident that I KNOW everything is working out just as it’s meant to. I prayed for God’s protection and thanked Him all morning long for getting me as far as He has. I met with the District Attorney’s Advocate that I love so much! She is such a sweetheart. She’s been dealing with me for over a year now. 🙂

I was informed that my ex had filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea for the simple assault that he originally pled guilty to back in April of 2017. The criminal case is kind of confusing. He’s charged with two counts of aggravated stalking in Athens-Clarke, and one count of aggravated stalking in Madison County, GA. So now I’m being told that he wants to plea out to the aggravated stalking (felonies) next week, but there’s a motion to take the case back to trial for simple assault? By the way, the simple assault charge was originally a felony false imprisonment charge.

So, yeah. I’m confused. Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. will be the status conference hearing, and Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. is his probation revocation hearing. Apparently he’s been in the law library at the jail, because he filed a handwritten motion for bond himself. Let’s see how well that goes.

Well, I’ve made it pretty clear to everyone that if anything ever happens to me, you know who is responsible. At this point, I realize that no matter what happens to him- if he’s in jail, or released- I can’t stop doing ME. I have to be STRONG. && I am. I refuse to RUN, I refuse to HIDE. I am ready to face him down. I got this. I’m to the point now, where I’ve already been through the back and fourth stage. I just want PEACE.

(Sorry folks, I can get kind of passionate at times I guess- but who wouldn’t? I lost 7-years of my life!) But gained SO much more, Thank you, Jesus! 🙂

So… after court, I made a phone call to my attorney at the UGA Family Violence Law Clinic in Athens. I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 to come in and FILE FOR MY DIVORCE! I couldn’t be HAPPIER! #freedom

I’m already making goals and plans for my children and I. Of course the obvious- purchase a vehicle, home, obtain custody of my boys back, reestablish relationships with my three daughters; but also for once, I would like to do something for myself. I want to exercise (I LOVE walking… maybe I can even start running)- and a big one- I would like to get my teeth worked on at the dentist. I never considered it before, because all of my time and money were invested into others- mainly my ex. But I believe doing this will significantly increase my confidence. 🙂

After coming home, my twin sister stopped by for a few minutes- && can you believe we were matching!?! Completely coincidental! #greyshirts #khakis #crossnecklaces  #sistersbybirthbestfriendsbychoice

At 1:30 p.m., my new therapist from Pathways Counseling came to visit me. We discussed my goals and got to know each other a little bit. I will be receiving therapy once a week. This is something I have AVOIDED like the plague because of how uncomfortable it is. I mean, how do I explain the traumas. I was a missing person last summer. Detectives in Athens thought they were investigating my homicide. That’s a lot for me to even comprehend!

The deep psychological abuse… the woman he moved into my house… There’s just so much. Overtime, I will be able to go into more detail. But today has been a good day, so there’s no point in going there right now.

I’m learning to listen to my inner self. She’s right almost ALL of the time. My gut tells me I’m going down the right road. I’m doing this, I am really doing this! Empowering feeling. There’s just something about a mother’s intuition. She just knows. She knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Sit back, relax, and watch me show you what I can do! But not on my own- the Good Lord above has my back. He has been there the entire time.

Happy Friday, Friends!

P.S. :&& I wish my first-born sweetheart, Aubrey, a HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY! I was SO young when I gave birth to her. She makes me so proud. I can’t believe- I HAVE A TEENAGER. Also, please continue to pray for the children and I! The boys were transitioned into a new foster home in a different county- but they are STILL TOGETHER! & hopefully they will remain in the same household for the duration of my case.

I love my children with every beat in me. I miss them more than they will ever know. All of them. I’m doing this for them- but also for me. I’m doing this for all of us.






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